Gameplay elements are blocks or items in shark dash. These are the elements:


It is a simple block which is orange and seems like a lego block. The normal variant in home has no special pictures or anything. It's Japan variant has a monkey on it, the Hotel version has a hotel key image on it, and the Roman version has old roman drawings on it.

Inflatable blockEdit

A clear blue balloon block that acts like a block but can be popped by the sharks. It looks the same in every bath.

Soap blockEdit

A green block with a leaf on it and it's ability is to sink. It has no different variants and is the same in every world.

Dissolving blockEdit

A purple salt block and it's ability is to dissolve when touching water, making it disappear.

Bath sponge blockEdit

A normal block, but squishier and is hard to move. It is yellow like a sponge.

Rubber ringEdit

A hoop which makes anything go faster once going through.


It holds objects up. Sawy can cut these.


Sharks go through one, and come out of the other one.


A tunnel that makes sharks spin while in it. It sends them through the tunnel to other parts of the bath.


A basic static wall/platform. It cannot be broke. It has different colors in each world. The home version is grey, the japan version is brown, the hotel version is pink, and the roman version is blue.

Squirt fishEdit

A purple and blue fish that squirts water when tapped. This water moves/pushes sharks without wasting a move. It also pushes sharks upwards if a shark lands on it and the direction it is facing is upwards.


An explosive object that can come in bubbles too. It explodes when touched and kills sharks and ducks if close enough. It pops nearby bubbles and inflatable blocks too.

Beach ballEdit

A simple rolling objects that you can use to blow up mines,pop bubbles or set of other things. It is very easy to move it, as it is small and bouncy.